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Welcome to Room 3307! We're so happy you stopped by!
Room 3307 is made up of two Tampa Bay area photographers: Carolina Araujo and Zekeshem Parsons. We’re great friends with a common vision: To bring you beautiful boudoir photography and make you feel gorgeous!
Room 3307 provides a glamorous, on-location boudoir photography experience in either private or marathon sessions. Carolina and Zekeshem's style emphasizes a woman's true beauty with a modern twist. These photographs make the perfect gift for your significant other and confirm how stunning you are.
July 19, 2011

We recently realized it’s been quite a while since our very first Pillow Talk post, and we really want to start sharing more client feedback with all of you ladies who might be considering booking your very own boudoir session!  We asked the lovely Miss C. if she would mind if we shared some of her images on our blog, and if she had any thoughts she’d like to share regarding her session during our Spring Boudoir Marathon.  What she sent us completely blew us away, humbled us, and reaffirmed to us the reason we do what we do and why we love our jobs so much!  We LOVE making women feel beautiful and confident, and we are so happy to hear feedback like this from the girls who book their shoots with us.  Read on to hear what Miss C. has to say…

“Thank you Carolina & Zekeshem for the beautiful photos!  Not only did I have an amazing, surprising gift for my boyfriend, you also helped me feel beautiful and sexy!  I am a self professed tom boy, and wanted to do something “outside the box” for my boyfriend’s birthday.  But at the end of the day, I got so much more out of it than just a gift for my boyfriend.  The whole experience gave me a new confidence about myself, and taught me to just let loose and have fun with it.  I have never been the most self-confident girl, and I don’t always feel pretty.  But the photo session was so much fun and it made me feel amazing!

So, why did I decide to do it?  A friend of mine had recently done a Boudoir marathon with Room 3307 for her husband for Valentines Day, and she couldn’t help but show off her photos.  As soon as I saw the beautiful images, I couldn’t wait to give Carolina & Zekeshem a call and find out when the next marathon session would be!  My boyfriend’s birthday was coming up and I knew it would be the LAST thing he would ever expect me to do.  I was a bit nervous at first, but the excitement grew once I started shopping for outfits and coming up with ideas.  When the day came, Carolina & Zekeshem did such a great job of making me feel comfortable and just relaxed.  It was so easy and fun! (The mimosas in the morning probably didn’t hurt either!)

After the session, I couldn’t wait to get the photos.  When I finally did get to see them, I was so excited!  They were amazing!  I had to narrow it down to 20 for my book, but it was so hard because I loved them all!  I finally did make a decision and I LOVE my book.  Carolina & Zekeshem did a great job of working with me on the layout of the book until it was perfect.

And let me just say, when I did finally give the book to my boyfriend, he LOVED it!  He was so surprised and couldn’t put it down!  He couldn’t believe that I would do something like that, and he kept saying how “hot” I look.  A few weeks later now, and he still brings it up all the time!  All along I thought he would really love the sexier photos of me, since that is typically what guys like and so far off the spectrum for me, but surprisingly his favorite photos are the sporty ones in my Chicago Cubs gear (he is a HUGE Cubs fan).  He loves that I can be sexy but still be that sporty girl he loves.

Overall, I had an AMAZING experience with Room 3307, and I would LOVE to do it again with these lovely ladies!  I am showing my photos to all my friends and telling them they should do it, not only for their significant others, but for themselves.  I decided to share my images with all ladies looking to do a session because I wanted to show the “average” girl that they too can look and feel amazing. No matter what insecurities you may think you have, Carolina & Zekeshem know how to photograph the female body to a way that is very flattering, and will make you feel and look amazing.”

Thank you so much, Miss C.!!

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