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Welcome to Room 3307! We're so happy you stopped by!
Room 3307 is made up of two Tampa Bay area photographers: Carolina Araujo and Zekeshem Parsons. We’re great friends with a common vision: To bring you beautiful boudoir photography and make you feel gorgeous!
Room 3307 provides a glamorous, on-location boudoir photography experience in either private or marathon sessions. Carolina and Zekeshem's style emphasizes a woman's true beauty with a modern twist. These photographs make the perfect gift for your significant other and confirm how stunning you are.

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March 24, 2010

Room 3307 new patent leather boudoir album

10x10 Deluxe Boudoir Album

Patent leather boudoir album

Peeking into Boudoir Album

Deluxe Boudoir Album full spread

Top of Boudoir Album pages

Edge of Boudoir Album

July 31, 2009

Whenever I’m expecting a delivery of an album or book, I just can’t help but be excited!  I knew FedEx would be delivering Miss E’s Boudoir Book today, but I wasn’t sure when.  (Looking at the tracking all I could see was that it was “on the truck for delivery.”)  So of course whenever I would hear a large truck outside, I’d be peeking through the blinds to see if it was, indeed, FedEx.  After multiple disappointments, I finally saw those beautiful purple and orange letters coming to a stop outside…JOY!  I don’t know why, but every time I open up a box containing a client’s order, I feel like I’m opening up something for myself.  It’s exciting every time!  And because I love to share my excitement with others, I just had to post a little peek at Miss E’s fabulous Book.  This is the 9×9 Boudoir Book with glossy pages and photo cover.  So pretty!

Have a beautiful day, everyone!


Room 3307 Boudoir Book Cover

Room 3307 Boudoir Book pages

Room 3307 Boudoir Book Layout

July 30, 2009

We have so many “wants” for our boudoir clients.  We want them to feel beautiful.  We want them to feel empowered.  We want them to not only have a photo session but an experience.  And we really want every girl to walk away with a beautiful keepsake of their images in the form of a book or album.  All of our collections include either a 6×6 or 9×9 Boudoir Book, which can be upgraded to our jaw-dropping Deluxe Boudoir Album (review and pictures coming soon).  Believe us, our Boudoir Books are all that and a bag of chips!

This particular Boudoir Book is 9×9. All of our Books have a custom glossy wrap-around photo cover.

Room 3307 | boudoir photography - album

We love the thick glossy pages!
Room 3307 | boudoir photography - album
Room 3307 | boudoir photography - album

Our design style is much like our shooting style…modern, classy and clean.

Room 3307 | boudoir photography - album

Imagine your favorite image from your session as a full page spread.  The Book pages lay virtually flat – so very dramatic and GORGEOUS!

Room 3307 | boudoir photography - album

We can’t wait for you to touch, feel, smell and fall in love with our books!!  To reserve your session, please visit our Reservations Form.