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Welcome to Room 3307! We're so happy you stopped by!
Room 3307 is made up of two Tampa Bay area photographers: Carolina Araujo and Zekeshem Parsons. We’re great friends with a common vision: To bring you beautiful boudoir photography and make you feel gorgeous!
Room 3307 provides a glamorous, on-location boudoir photography experience in either private or marathon sessions. Carolina and Zekeshem's style emphasizes a woman's true beauty with a modern twist. These photographs make the perfect gift for your significant other and confirm how stunning you are.

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August 28, 2009

Hi, ladies!

So much has been going on that we’re so excited about!  Our Tampa Boudoir Marathon was a HUGE success, and we’re thrilled with the results.  (We know our clients will be, too!)  We’re planning on having some AMAZING shots to post soon, so keep checking back!

We’ve also finalized our shooting location for Philly, and we think you’re going to LOVE it.  Picture a chic, modern, urban loft as the setting for your boudoir photos…super sexy, and fun!  Below is our pricing for this event, which we’re thinking will sell out quickly.  To secure your session, just go to www.Room3307.com and click on “Reservations.”  Be sure to choose Philadelphia in the subject line.

Philadelphia boudoir marathon pricing

We’d love to hear feedback on which cities you’d like us to plan marathons for in the future!  Leave us a comment with your requested city, and we’ll be sure to look into planning an event there in the future.  We’re currently considering adding Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas to our list, and we’d love to hear if there’s any interest for those cities as well.  Thanks so much, we can’t wait to hear from you!